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           Our name itself introduces the food we bring to the table for our guests.  Traditionally, guests are like Gods; therefore, we serve them the best we have.

It is our pleasure to bring you the flavors of the Himalaya cuisine via popular dishes.

           Our goal is to provide you with the finest cuisine possible. We bring you fresh and local ingredients with an innovative menu and excellent service.

You can start your meal with momos, which are vegetable or meat-filled dumplings. These are served with tomato chutney and Szechuan pepper.


         The menu at Himalayan Flavors also offers plenty of vegan and vegetarian options, including tofu saag and chana masala, each served with brown rice. The main course includes regional specialties like lamb sander from Tibet and goat curry from Nepal. To finish things off sweetly, you can order mango or pistachio flavored kulfi or the popular Indian sweet gulab jamun.